Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Wedding bells

Nope not me! (duh). But my little brother got engaged yesterday. We were kind of waiting for it to happen. They have been together for about a year, and are planning the wedding for next June. This makes me feel old...first one of them graduates university, now the other one is engaged! Yikes! Sometimes I forget that I am not 19 anymore. Nor am I 20. Or 21. (I wont go farther, it still sounds weird).

In other news, I am so addicted to ebay! It is evil and makes me spend money. I have bought a big pile of scrapbooking things in the last couple of days. My list of favorite ebay-stores grows every day. Anything that I want to buy, I look for on ebay. I could go to Walmart, but NO...must... check... ebay! Now, my paypal account is pretty much drained, and I will not let myself spend any more money until I make some more first, selling my digital kits. (If you want to see them, check out the link to my boutique on the side -->).

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