Friday, October 28, 2005

Cal Break update

A couple days ago I got an email from James, the leader of Cal Break 2005. A lot has happened with many of the leaders that went on that trip in the seemingly short few months since we returned. Babies, engagements, marriages, house buying, wow! What an amazing group of people we had on the trip.
The email also included a list of some of the people who are not going on the trip in 2006. I know the trip wont be the same without these people, but on the other hand, it makes room for a whole new group of awesome people to come! So sad and exciting at the same time.
I have been ready for CalBreak 2006 from the minute I stepped off the bus. I already "told" my boss I was taking time off for it in April (he has no problems!). Yippee!

On another note - Pam! Your wedding was so gorgeous, and so were you! I loved all of the pink - it was perfect for you! Have a great honeymoon and have fun moving into your new house! How exciting!!!

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