Friday, November 25, 2005

My big break!

This could be my big break! LOL We shot a new commercial for our company today and I am in it. Well, the back of my head is in it. And I think the commercial will only be shown in PA, so I really wont be that famous, but it is still sort of neat. Plus, the boss wants me to record a radio commerial soon too. I am sort of nervous about it - I hate my voice when I hear it on an answering machine or something, so I dont see how it would sound good on the radio. :P

Speaking of "breaks" - I am going to be playing soccer this weekend in Saskatoon in a co-ed tourney. I havent played for a couple of years, so please pray that I dont break anything!!

On a more embarrasing note, I had a fitness assessment with the personal trainer at the gym yesterday. It was going really well until he wanted me to do pushups. Well, needless to say these are not my forte, seeing as I have skinny little chicken arms. Anyway...I got to ELEVEN!! And then he told me to stop (out of pity, I think!). The sad part shoulders are SORE today! I guess we know what I need to work on...I get my program next Thursday.

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Pamela said...

hey melissa... if ya don't get to msn before this.. the wedding pix are up.. have a great day!