Thursday, January 12, 2006

Happy belated New Year!

I know I am 12 days late, but Happy New Year anyway. Hope everyone is doing well. I am feeling pretty good - have been back at work for almost 2 weeks now since the holidays.

Not much is new here - still filling up on leftover chocolates and cookies from Christmas time. And going to the gym. Hopefully the two will balance each other out.

Well...thats about it! We will be heading home again this weekend for Ashton's birthday (supper at Red Lobster - YUM!) and to watch Jared play hockey. I am hoping to do some scrapbooking with my mom while Ashton goes to the Blades game on Sat. I have got her so hooked!! The sad thing is, I think she is getting more pages done than I am already!! If you feel like looking at some of my scrapbooking stuff, you can see some here:

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Caroline said...

ah! you mentioned red lobster and i was just thinking about their AWESOME cheese rolls (drool)... i can totally understand about cookies and the gym!