Thursday, February 02, 2006

10 minute mile!!

I did it! I ran a 10 minute mile! I probably could have done it already a while ago, but I just never tried! Now I just have to keep that pace for, oh, another 50 minutes or so, and I can do 10km! Uh...YIKES! I am definitly going to have to start with a 5km run, because that is way too intimidating! I have a new respect for those who run full marathons!

In other news, I am stressing already about a weekend that is 2 months away! My little brother is getting married on April 1st. And I just realized that I have staff training for the trip I help lead down to California on that same weekend! The training is mandatory if you want to go on the trip, but I think they are going to let me miss just the Saturday afternoon (luckily!). THEN, we have a baby dedication that we are invited to on the 2nd!!! I am scared to pick up the phone and read my email anymore...because I dont think we can do anything else that weekend!

We watched the 40 year old virgin last night. There were some funny parts, but I was just blown away by the amount of useless swearing there was. So overall I was not terribly impressed with the movie. I did like some of the extra features, especially the one where they showed the live filming of the waxing scene and before hand he was saying how he didnt think it was going to hurt as much as people were making it seem. Then after, you see him with aloe and bandages all over his chest. ROFL!

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Heather M. said...

Woohoo!!! You'll be up to 10km in NO TIME!!!!!! Everything will work out the weekend of your bro's wedding, it just might be a bit crazy! Good luck with everything!