Friday, February 17, 2006


Well I actually did try to blog a couple of times between now and the last entry, but blogger was so slow that I just gave up. It seems better today, though. So what's new?

My birthday was on the 10th, and Ashton worked until 11pm, so I was seemingly doomed for a lonely birthday night (which most likely would have been spent scrapbooking and watching the opening ceremonies). But alas, they guys from work took me to BP's and bought me margarittas! A couple too many, actually, and they wouldnt let me order any food! Apparently, $10 of food ruin's $50 of alchohol (I didn't driank nearly that much but that was their quote). So I finally bailed on them and went home for some supper at 8:30, and watched the rest of the opening ceremonies. I thought they were pretty interesting this year, actually.

Then what...the weekend was pretty quiet. Ashton worked both days so I dont think I even left the house. Got a bit of scrapbooking done for my grandma's album.

Valentine's Day Ashton cooked me supper (for my birthday too since he wasnt home then). It was a pretty quiet night.

That is all that is happening here! I updated my blog banner just for fun.

And I have to say, GO CANADA! We are doing pretty well in the Olympics so far. Although there have been some disappointments, we cant win everything!


Marina said...

Happy Be-lated Birthday Melissa. Too bad your man had to work on your birthday, but hey lucky for you, that your coworkers were there for you.

Hope you have a great weekend ahead, despite how cold it is out there!!!!

patti said...

Happy belated birthday!! Sounds like you had a good time and over a couple of days! Hope you have a great year!

Heather M. said...

Happy belated birthday!!!!!! Love the new banner!

Just Rhonda said...

well happy belated birthday. And I am loving your banner too!