Thursday, March 23, 2006

9 more days...

and my little brother will be married. come that is so scary?? I finished the slideshow on the weekend (it looks awesome, thanks S! ladies for your song suggestions!), but I am so worried that I am going to forget the projector that I am borrowing from work.  I am also thinking about doing some last minute changes to the show...I think it would be a neat surprise to put some photos of the wedding ceremony in the is the timetable.  Ceremony is at 2pm.  Let's give it a good hour, so it should be over at 3.  The computer that I would have to make the changes on is a good 20 minutes away, so say 3:30.  15 minutes to add the photos and re-sync the music.  1 hr to render the show and burn it to dvd.  20 minutes to get back to the hotel before the reception at 6pm and set up the projector. would be really close.... I hope Conner isnt reading this or it isnt going to be much of a surprise either. LOL 

Anyone watch the Amazing Race on Tuesday?  I was SO SURE that my team in the pool (the old people) were going to be gone.  But they were 5th!!  Go team!  The dancing and bottle smashing were so funny to watch!! And the car test track looked like so much fun!!  Good episode!

How about American Idol?  I am not TOO into this show, but the girls over at S!, and Gina Miller's blog, has got me watching it. LOL. I like Taylor and Chris, and Katherine. I hope they all do well.

Guess I should get back to work! Later! :) 

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