Monday, March 13, 2006

Hi! I guess it is time for another update!

We had a busy weekend, with Ashton's family coming to town for our nephew's hockey tournament. We watched a lot of hockey! It was fun, though. Those little guys really impressed me! Jared's team lost in the semi finals, and they were so sad!! They played really hard, though, and I think they all had fun. And us girls (me, MIL, and SIL) found a bit of time to go shopping, so now I have something to wear to my brothers wedding. Yay! One less thing to worry about now.

Didnt get much other than hockey done this weekend, but I managed somehow to find time to finish a new kit. This one had been sitting in my head for a long time and finally crawled out!! Here is a peek for you! It will be in the DoItDigi mall soon!
I watched Grey's Anatomy last night. I am loving this show. Poor George...and his hair! I just felt so sad for him, (bad Merideth making my George feel sad!) but him and Dr. Burke made me LOL last night with their jogging, and their band at the end. ROFL! I dont know about that new doctor that is interested in George, though. I think she is too much for him. Ok...enough TV talk!

At work, I am getting a new computer - a Mac! Sweet! I cant wait - it should be here today! Then I have to figure out how to use it again...I havent used a Mac since university (that seems like forever ago, although it was probably less than 2 years ago!!).

That's all for now! I will try and update more often this week.


Tammy said...

Oh...that kit looks fun to play with!! I didn't know you did kits! Very cool! I'll check it out. Is this kit free or pay?

Melissa said...

sorry's for pay. I have been selling at DoItDigi for over a year now! (wow!)

Tammy said...

Cool to know, I got your note on my blog and I totally want to know more. Unfortunately I'm a bit swamped now, but I will connect with you later. I definitely want to try this.