Thursday, April 27, 2006


So a couple months ago I went and recorded a radio commecial for work, and last night when I was driving around I heard it, and it was SO WEIRD!  I dont think it sounds like me at all!  This is why I dont leave messages on people's answering machines - I hate the sound of my voice.  So this is a formal appology to everyone who has to hear my commercial. Yuck! LOL

On another topic - WAITING IS HARD!!  While I was away in California, Ashton had a job interview to work at the PA Correctional Center. We were supposed to hear from them on Monday but still havent got a call - but someone else we know has talked to the guys who did the interview and I guess they are having a hard time getting ahold of some people's references, so we are hoping that is the hold up!! (I know at least 1 of his references is never around!!).  Getting this job would mean so much for us! We could finally settle down somewhere, hopefully start looking for a house (I am so tired of renting!), and start a family! (yay!).  

Well, back to work!!  I love being busy!

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