Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Just sharing some pages...

Since scrapbooking consumes a good chunk of my free time, I just thought I would share some pages that I have done lately.

This is me and some friends on the log ride at one of the parks in California. I *think* it was Knotts Berry Farm, but I can't really remember. LOL All this stuff is Gina Miller, except the stamp is Shabby Princess. I love both those ladies stuff!!

And here is a page I scrapped about my attempt at wakeboarding. These Tia Bennett papers were perfect.

In other news...uh...there really is no other news. The most exciting thing that happened today is that we went for a bike ride on a new trail that was just paved near our place and it will be SWEET to go for a run on! So maybe that will motivate me to run tomorrow. (KATRINA - if you are reading this - you have to some out now for scrapbooking AND a sweet run!!)

Bye for now!


patti said...

Gorgeous layouts Melissa!!! that photo of the three of you is sooo cool!!! love that wakeboarding one too! It is perfect with that paper!(I was using it today too! lol)
love seeing yoru stuff!

Heather M. said...

AWESOME layouts!!!! Love them! I hope your run on the new path is awesome!

Saskia said...

That log ride layout is just awesome, love it!!