Monday, July 10, 2006

Re-apply. Re-apply. Re-apply.

The sunscreen, that is!! I swear I put it on at least 3 times yesterday, and I am STILL red like a lobster!! The shower was painful this morning. Ouch! But I guess on the bright side, it will fade into a nice tan!!

I also tried wakeboarding this weekend. TRIED! The above photo shows about how far I got. WET! I was going to put "determined" on the photo, but obviously I wasnt determined enough, because I didnt even get up!! Well, I got up for about 8 seconds one time, but thats about it!! My legs were pure jello after about 15 tries, and I think the guy driving the boat was getting tired of driving in circles around me!! Oh well, it was fun, anyway!! It was hot out, so the lake felt good.

We had a good weekend at the lake. There was a shooting not too far from the campground though - 2 RCMP officers were shot by some guy, and they still havent found him! It was a bit scary - they were making sure that no kids were sleeping alone in the tents and that all our cars were locked, etc, because they were worried that he would come looking for money or a car. I hope they find him soon! I think I heard that they have about 100 officers looking for him right now, including a couple of helicopters from Edmonton!

Right now we are watching the Home run derby on tv, and I am amazed at how many people are in kayaks and dingys out in the river outside the stadium. There are quite a few balls being hit there, and it is just a crazy mad dash of peolpe jumping into the river for them. Hello?? How safe can that be!!?!? Is it really worth it?? It is just a baseball!

Anyway...I am going to go clean up the kitchen, and then maybe see if I can get some pages scrapped. Havent decided if digi or paper will inspire me tonight.... :)


Sue said...

Oh dear! You are definitely a pinkish shade in that photo! Good try on the wakeboarding!

Just Rhonda said...

Good for you on trying the wakeboarding.
MY poor hubby wishes that I would. but I HATE it. Not a good swimmer so why get pulled behind a really really fast boat?!
DH says keep trying!!

Heather M. said...

I would have been in the same position with wakeboarding, Melissa! It took me forever to get up on skis for the first time.
Scary about the shooting being so close!

Anonymous said...

Oh girl... burning is not a good thing, but hey it does happen. Love that you were out on the lake though and gave it a try - you wouldn't catch me there!! Miss you!

patti said...

two words for you ALOE VERA and much of it! I'm sorry to hear you got scorched, that is no good!! Looks like you had fun though!! Hope they catch that guy, what is wrong with people???