Thursday, August 10, 2006

Sketch Challenge

I am loving over at PDP! Ashley and Ben are rockin the house!! There is a fresh outlook there on hybrid scrapping and I love it, because I am SO bi-scraptual! (Uh, I mean, I love paper AND digital scrapbooking!!) I am not making any big sales in the store yet here, but any of that is just bonus for me. I just love to create and to interact with other people who love scrapbooking! And I have just started a regular sketch challenge. I have always wanted to run one of these - I have seen them done and they are so much fun to participate in! Click here to see the first challenge in the forum. Come and play! Even if you have never posted a digital layout before! Just try it! You might find yourself hooked! And as added incentive, I am offering a participation bonus for everyone who plays! Here is a peek:

Like it? Well then come play and you will get it for free! (I think I am loving these colors and might just have to make a full blown kit with them! What do you think?)

In "real world" news, Ashton has gotten and interview at a youth "ranch" and was basically offered a job! Yippee!! It is just casual, but pays decent, and it sounds like their casual workers practically work full time anyway. And it is definitly much more related to his field than what he is doing now! But he is just waiting to hear if he is getting an interview at the jail (a posting just closed there) and if not, he can call the ranch and take the test and they will give him a job!

Ok back to scrapping stuff (can't get away from it for too long!). Check back this weekend on my blog - I want to post a freebie for you! But it will be a surprise!


patti said...

awesome on things going so well for you over at PDP!! That is great! I hope your stuff takes off it's super cool! I love yoru bright and funky patterns!! So much fun!!

Yay too on hubby's potential new job! That is very exciting stuff!!! :)

Marina said...

Oh these are very cool... great designs, loving the bright and funky colors!!!

Heather M. said...

LOVE that kit! So, so cute!!!!!
Any word on Ashton's job situation?! I hope something comes up!

Heather said...

Awesome kit. I pray that everything works out with the new job (which ever it will be).