Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Cowboy, take me away... mom won tickets to the Dixie Chicks and she is taking me! Woo hoo!! What a sweet mom I have. Then the next day after the concert we are off to Edmonton with a busload of ladies for a shopping weekend. I am Super Excited!! :) Plus I am going to meet a bunch of ladies from Scraptivity while I am there!! Only 1 month away...I can't believe it is October already!!!

This weekend is Thanksgiving - and it is going to be a nice relaxing weekend with our parents and family. Hope to see some friends who just moved into a new house too! Super excited for them!

I am in such a good mood today! Can you tell? It is because I am FINALLY (yes I am screaming that!) almost finished with a project at work that I have been ripping my hair out about for months. It is working now! WORKING!!! The rest is up to someone else. So as long as that person doesn't mess around with things, I can close this project. FINALLY! Isn't it amazing how one thing can affect your mood about everything? I have been doing the happy dance at work all morning. And people don't even need to ask why! LOL

Have a great week (and Thanksgiving - because lets be honest, I probably won't update again before then!) everyone!


elia said...

Congrats on finally finishing that project at work. You must feel so relieved girlie.

WTG on the Dixie Chicks tickets - that is really sweet of your mom. Have fun and have a great relaxing weekend.

patti said...

Hooray for finishing a project! Sounds like it was a relief!! And yay for going to see the DC's!! That would be an awesome show!! Happy Turkey day!!

Wendy said...

WTG on finishing your project at work AND getting to go see the DC AND go shopping for a weekend!!! Are you going to the West Edmonton Mall??

MonaS! said...

Congrats on the tickets. I would love to be one of the S! girls to meetcha!!! LMK!

Joy said...

We (me and my girls, that is!!) are extremely jealous about the DC tickets - in fact, when I told Alice (my 9 year old), she put her hands on her hips and stamped her feet!! lol!! Please let us know how amazing it is, and Lucie would like to know if thety sing Sin Wagon as, despite being only 6, it is her fave song!!