Monday, November 06, 2006

I am beat!

It was well worth it, but I am just dead tired this afternoon! I guess that is what 11 hours on a bus and 2 full days of shopping will do to you when you are 3 months pregnant. :P

I actually didnt REALLY start shopping until about 4pm on Saturday because we had a long lunch with the Scraptivity group. It was great to meet you ladies!! But after that, I POWER SHOPPED! LOL By 6pm, I managed to pick up 2 pairs of dress pants, a pair of jeans, a pair of gauchos, a skirt, a sweater, and 4 tops. OH YEAH! All maternity, and all super comfy! AND only 2 pieces weren't on sale! Now I am going to try and find some pictures, because we all know that posts are more fun with pics!
New sweater from Old Navy (but I got a light brown color):

Old Navy skirt (in this bright pink color - only $6!!) Just for our winter holiday. :)

Ok...that's all you get for now. I can't find the rest! I will just have to take some pictures with our new camera. :)

My mom and I also bought a few cute baby things that were either on sale, or at the Disney store and too cute to resist. LOL. So it was a successful shopping weekend for sure.

Oh...the CONCERT! In all that shopping fun, I almost forgot. It was AWESOME!! At least, if you forget about the parking, and the opening band, which were less than impressive. But the chicks rocked! We were pretty far away from the stage, and could have used some binoculars, but they had a big screen setup so we could still see them. Now their newest album is on my Christmas list. I sort of wish I had it before the concert so I would have known all the songs when they were singing them. They sang a lullaby that almost had me in tears. I MUST have it!!

And last but not least, our doctors appointment this morning was short but sweet! We heard the hearbeat (how cool!!) and we have an ultrasound on Dec 7th (very excited!!). That was it! Apparently I booked the wrong type of appointment last time, and that is why it was so short. Next time we will get all the blood work and other stuff done I guess.

Thanks for reading! :) Have a great week!


Katrina said...

Love the clothes you bought. Sounds like a very successful weekend. We missed ya, visited lots with Ashton which was good.

patti said...

sounds like a very successful trip indeed! Love a good shopping trip with sales!! cute cute cute! Enjoy that camera, it's awesome!

MonaS! said...

WOW - thats an AMAZING amount of shopping in such a short period of time. It was soooooo great to meet you - I am just disappointed that we forgot to get a picture. I had my camera and everything. LOVE the sweater and skirt. LMK when you are in town again!

Joy said...

Am glad to hear the concert was fab - no point in being jealous and have it turn out no good!! lol!! Seriously, you need to have all their albums - new and old - they are all great - can even here one of their songs on my blog!! ;P

Heather M. said...

Sounds like you had an awesome shopping trip!!!! That sweater and skirt are SO cute!!!!
The Dixie Chicks were in Calgary too and I wish I could have gone but with a newborn, it just wasn't possible. ;) Glad you enjoyed the show though!
Can't wait to see those ultrasound pics!