Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Let the REAL countdown begin!

Only 9 days until we fly out! :) :)

I found a picture of the snorkel gear we got for Christmas:

If you are lucky ;) I will share a photo of me IN the snorkel gear once we get back. LOL

Back to reality/work for me today! Have a good one!


Heather M. said...

WOOHOO!!!! I hope you guys have an amazing trip! It will be so nice to get away!
p.s. Definitely feel free to do the number thing with your babe! I did one at 1 month too. I want to have one for every month of the year and then do a layout to see how Helayna has changed over the year. I thought it would be cute.

Heather said...

You will have a fabulous time and great to get away just before baby comes too!!

Elia said...

Hope you have a wonderful trip Melissa. Cannot wait to see some photos.