Monday, April 09, 2007

Update me a slacker. I really meant to update you all again sooner. Sorry.

All of our financing has gone through for the house, so it is really happening!! We don't take possession until near the end of June, which should work out well. I won't be in a huge rush to pack before the baby comes - I should have plenty of time afterwards. I can be packing during those sleepless nights...LOL. The move itself shouldn't be too hard, actually - the house is only about 5 blocks from where we are living right now.

There isnt a whole lot, if anything, that I feel the need to change before we get in there. The floors are all new and the paint is all fresh. No crazy colors - even the orange paint in the kitchen we both like. The baby room is the only one I might want to do. Right now I think it is bright green with a bug border. That might clash with all my Pooh stuff. LOL

In our place right now we have gotten a bit more ready for the baby too - it is only 5 weeks away!! We got the change table setup (ONLY 4 hours later!!) and I sorted through all the clothes I have so far only to find that I have very few things for under 9mos. I think we will pick up a few newborn sleepers and then wait and see what happens for showers and stuff. I dont want to do laundry every day, but I also dont want to need 2 closets for this baby's clothes! We are planning a shopping trip this week to pick up a few more "essentials" like a change table pad and some diapers.

We got to see some good friends from the states this past week. It was a short visit, but still really nice to see them!! The best part is that we got to compare our bellies - she is about 2 weeks behind me in due dates. It will be so fun to have kids so close together even though we dont get to see them very often! Here is a layout I did with a pic from their visit. Hope you guys made it home safely!!

And here is one more picture for the road, so to speak. It is from a wedding that Ashton was in a few weeks ago.
Bye for now! Have a great week!


Just Rhonda said...

Aaaww your baby belly is so cute!!!! Great digi layout! Love the pp on it.
Good that your house won't have to be changed that much when you move it!

Elia said...

Congrats again on the new home. Glad to hear that things are going smoothly for you and that there won't be a lot to do to it. You look so adorable with your baby bump. Great photo of you and your dh.

Life's insanities by angela1044 said...

So exciting to hear that it is so close. Make sure you get lots and lots of rest (I'm sure everyone has told you this).

You look great!

MonaS! said...

you are looking fabulous Melissa! I am so excited for you guys - a new house AND a new baby. How awesome!!!