Friday, August 17, 2007

Rocking and rollin'

Taryn is on the move! She rolled over today (back to front) and was so proud of herself! This means no more laying on the couch for her!

Mommy has also started making her wear bibs. She is a bubbling, drooling, machine! (Ok Katrina - you can start laughing now!). And I am sure it will only get worse when she starts teething.

Other than that we are doing great here. And if you think this was the most boring post ever, I agree. But I need to write it down before I forget! :)

Ok, here is a picture so it is not quite so boring. Taryn and great-grandma:


Katrina said...

drooling hey?! Not the worst thing that could happen! We'll still love her! A little advice grey's the worst to wear.

patti said...

wwwoohoo gooo Taryn!! yay for rolling!! She is doing so great!! Awesome photo too!!

Heather M. said...

What a sweet photo!
I can't believe she's rolling over already!

MonaS! said...

wtg - can't believe that she's rollin!!! Doncha just LOVE the droolin?!?! It gets sooooo much better when the teeth start showing up!!!