Monday, April 07, 2008

11 Months

Wow - 2 posts in 2 days!! That is amazing! And another amazing thing about this post is that I took these pictures today and I am posting them the same day!!

Today Taryn is 11 months - which means 1 more month until the BIG ONE! Wow! We are planning a birthday party - still working on the invitations! are the pictures. We have to give her a toy so she will stay put. And even is hard to keep her still. Plus I am still getting used to my new lens - so these have had a bit of Photoshop help. And the middle one is still blurry. :P

She is looking at Daddy behind me in this one - not quite sure what he did to make her make this face!

And here is a digial layout I did a couple days ago. You can see the picture itself bigger if you look at the next post down. You can see the layout bigger if you click on it.

At 11 months, Taryn:
  • is walking and crawling. Mostly just walking.
  • has started to get up off the floor without the help of anything (ie. furniture)
  • is picking up toys off the floor from standing
  • gabbers a lot, but hasnt given us any words yet. She will copy us sometimes but mostly just gibberish. It's cute gibberish, but a "mama" would be cute too!!
  • is getting into drawers, cabinets, anything she can open
  • loves being chased around, but this game usually ends up in her going to fast and falling into something. Then she cries and mommy feels bad for chasing her.
  • is getting up a bit earlier and is doing a lot of 2 nap days. But I am still not complaining about her "early".
  • will be starting daycare this week.
  • can chug a sippy cup full of diluted apple juice in under 5 minutes (this results in a very full diaper soon after!)
  • has started to sign "please" (this was a surprise actually because we havent been very consistant with the signing with her)
  • is responding to things that we say, like "come here", "give" and "no"
  • catches onto things very quickly. Yesterday I put batteries in a toy (the tent from Uncle Gavin) and now when you push a button you get a doorbell sound or some music. She already goes to push the button when I ask her to (and when I dont)
  • puts toys to her ear when you say "hello" (she has many toy phones!)
  • still sitting at 6 teeth which is fine by me because she has tried to bite me a couple times this month!! Mostly this happens when I try to block her from going somewhere. Mommy is NOT impressed with this behavior!!
  • loves to play peek a boo! Either with blankets or around corners or furniture.
I am sure I am missing things, as usual, but I think I got a pretty good list this month! Thanks for reading!

Tomorrow I go back to work for week 2. I have already had 2 conversations with people from work today, so I think they are glad to have me back!


Anonymous said...

Cool layout! I love the background paper.

Gwen said...

Ah, she's a cutie for sure!

What camera/new lens do you have?

Just Rhonda said...

Sge us getting SO BIG!!!!! Totally cute pictures!

Just Rhonda said...

(apparently I CAN'T Spell!)

Heather M. said...

Wow, I can't believe she's 11 months already! How is daycare going?
She is SOOO cute! Great pics!