Sunday, June 01, 2008

Sprinkler Fun

A couple weeks ago we were outside watering the lawn, and Taryn tried to walk into the sprinkler. At first I tried to stop her, but then I let her go to see what she did. Well...she thought it was the greatest fun in the world!! So we just let her keep running (yes, running!!) She kept getting closer and closer to the sprinkler and pretty soon she was soaking wet!! Enjoy the pictures!

In other news...well, there isnt much other news. Taryn's newest feat is getting up onto the couches (and sometimes down too). She is climbing on EVERYTHING!! (I am sure Katrina is laughing right now LOL).


Heather M. said...

Too cute! And I love her little outfit!

Anonymous said...

she's so adorable! and I'm glad that she's into everything! It makes life more interesting!