Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Time for an update

I guess it has been a while, and this one will probably be quick because its late, but I thought I would post an update. There are so many things Taryn is doing these days - it is so fun to watch. Today she had a fever, though, which wasnt so fun to watch.

Here are a couple of pictures from the park last week. She loves the swing!!

And she just loves to walk around and discover things. Who knew sticks and grass were so interesting??
Some fun things she is doing - helping me empty the dishwasher (hands me each utensil and I put it in the drawer - After I get all the knives out of course!). She is climbing on anything and everything, and loves to talk on the phone. Those 2 go hand-and-hand when the phone is up somewhere that she feels she needs to get to. She is so funny when there is a noise (for example, the neighbors dogs playing, or the microwave beeps) - she gets this round little mouth 'oooo' and is quite concerned about what she should do next. Always wants to be in the action.

In other news, I have told my work that I would like to be back at home by the end of the summer. Whether that means I will be working for them, or on my own projects, that depends on them. I put the offer on the table for them, though. I just cant do scheduled office hours, and I can do so much from home anyway! So we will see where that goes...I will be happy either way. I have a few projects on the go that are looking good!

I will try not to be so long with the next post!


Heather M. said...

Oh yes, rocks and sticks are VERY interesting, even more interesting than the playground, according to Helayna!
Great update! I hope things go well with work and they are willing to let you work from home! That would be so awesome!

Isabelle said...

i hope you get what you want from work, be it on your own or with the company your at now.
Charlie loves to help me empty the dishwasher, they are so cute; aren't they?