Wednesday, February 25, 2009

More pictures

Not much to chat about today. Just thought I would come post some more of my daily pictures.

Feb 15: A scrapbook page

Feb 16: Fridge Farm - Taryn can do tons of animal sounds now, including all these farm animals.

Feb 17: Dr Taryn

Feb 18: Testing out the new sled (inside the house ha ha)

Feb 19: On the phone. I used the intercom feature between two phones in the house and she was so excited! Now she wants to talk on the phone even more than she did before. This could get real bad in a few years!!

Feb 20: At the Family Show with Ty!
Feb 21: for some reason she wanted to lay down on the floor. She must have been tired. Usually we dont let her have her soother, but she dug it out herself.

Feb 22: Asleep in the car. Not sure why but she often holds onto the handles beside her head. Its quite funny.

Feb 23: I have been meaning to take this picture for a while - the blankets that Grandma M made for Taryn (when she was BORN!) She also made the crib set.

Feb 24: Flowers - someone is sucking up for something....

Feb 25: I was taking pictures (of her name in the wooden blocks), and Taryn grabbed the lens cap and starting saying "cheese" to everything. I guess she was taking her own pictures (monkey see, monkey do!!)
February is almost over!! I hope that means the winter is almost over too...


Gwen said...

Oh, I love the dr one and the taking photos with the lens cap!

Just Rhonda said...

that photo of her sleeping in her car seat holding onto the sides is so FUNNY!!!!