Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Christmas came and went so quickly this year...just like the whole year, time has been flying right along. It was a great and busy time spent with our families. Even though we have been close to everyone for a few months now, it was still great to have everyone together to celebrate Christmas.

Here is a family Christmas picture we took yesterday before Ashton and I headed to the first World Jr game. Go Canada Go! This week I will be a hockey widow while the hockey tournament is going on...

Taryn was spoiled rotten this year...the favorites were a scooter (from "Santa"), new play-doh, and this electric guitar (from my aunt and cousins). We thought about leaving it at Grandma's. Ha ha! But she LOVES it! Luckily the volume is controlable, although...the OFF button does NOT work! I think her and grandma sang Jingle Bells about 37 times the day she got it. We have it on video...we will have to upload sometime.
After the hockey tournament is over, it will be time to focus on getting ready for the baby. Only a few weeks to go!! I am getting to the uncomfortable stage for sure. Here we were trying to just get a picture of me and my belly, but Taryn wanted to be in it with her belly here we are!! LOL I think it made the picture better, for sure! :)

I will try to keep updating more often!


L. McGill-Horn said...

Who needs an off button??? LOL!

Bobbi-Lynn said...

Aw such a cute belly pic!!

And love the shot of you guys with your jersey's on. Maybe you all gave the team good luck! LOL

I can't get over how big Taryn is getting!