Thursday, January 07, 2010

Nicknames...then and now

The other day I was cleaning up some files on my computer and I dug into a folder of scrapbook pages that I havent printed because I wasnt happy with them yet and I wanted to re-do them. One was a page about the nicknames we had for Taryn when she was just a baby. So I dug into some new kits that I had gotten, and re-scrapped this page: (you should be able to click to see it bigger).

Then, I had this page in mind for all the nicknames we have for her now...she recites them to us every once in a while. Each person has a special name for her and she knows them all. Its so cute....but every once in a while she just says "I am Taryn!" when someone calls her something else. She also knows "I'm a stinker!" (yes, you are!), and "I two-and-a-half".

In baby news...we thought today was going to be the day, but it turned out to be just 5 hours of false labour. Joy joy. LOL


Laura Monchuk said...

Beautiful scrapbook pages and a beautiful blog!

Laura Monchuk

Just Rhonda said...

CUTe pages girl!!! (getting anxious yet????)