Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ellyce: 1 Month

A month already?? No one told me the time would go even faster with the 2nd baby....its just crazy!! But it has been good. Here are a few pictures and a monthly update, like I did with Taryn. I hope to keep it up like I did for Taryn and make a book at the end of the year again.

At 1 month, Ellyce:
  • weighs 10lb 1 oz (born at 7' 9)
  • is nearly 23 inches (born at 20 1/4)
  • is not a good burper
  • is a messy eater!
  • has slept for a few 6 hour stretches at night, especially in the past week.
  • is very alert when she is awake
  • feeds every 3-4 hours during the day
  • holds her head up pretty good already
  • is loved by her big sister, except when she is crying really loud (then she runs away!)
  • is already growing out of some sleepers
  • has a funky rash on her legs that we are still trying to figure out. We have been to the doctor, the pediatrician, and the one really knows. Its not bothering her, and it isnt always there. We are not terribly concerned, but still want to know what it is, just in case. We have to go for bloodwork (both mommy and her) and follow-ups with all the doctors.
A couple more pictures...

This isnt really a good picture, but I think its cute! She got this elephant from my brother and his girlfriend. Ellyce Ella and Ellie the Elephant! Ha ha! Say that 5 time fast!
Not included in the list, because its past a month now...but she SMILED at me today!! 3 times. LOVE IT!! :) Now...I have to catch it on the camera!

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Bobbi-Lynn said...

Oh she is so beautiful!! I want to snuggle her ;-)