Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ellyce @ 2 months

I cant believe its been 2 months already. I know...I said that a month ago, but time has not slowed down, and I dont imagine its going to either!

At 2 months, Ellyce:
  • weighs 12lbs 1oz (75th percentile)
  • is 24" long (95th percentile - another tall girl!)
  • is smiling! But it usually takes some coaxing
  • is starting to coo and find her voice
  • loves to kick
  • loves her swing
  • is sleeping about 6 hours after her last feeding at night
  • likes to sleep on her tummy (just during the day, with daddy)
  • had her blood taken for some tests...that was HARD for me. The nurses made me hold her down while they poked in her arm. Luckily they got it fairly quickly. Poor baby. All the tests came back normal though, so thats good. We still have no idea where this rash is coming from though.
  • loves her winnie-the-pooh mobile in her crib. She coos and kicks when we turn it on for her and she gets upset when it stops moving and singing.
  • took a bottle...just as a test. So now mommy can escape if she has to!! he he he ;)

Hope you dont get bored with a bunch of baby pictures. That's probably what you came for anyway. It's not like I have anything else interesting to say!! I didnt find a good set of numbers in time to start taking pictures with a little number, like I did for Taryn, so I am going to use this elephant every month. I am sure it will start "shrinking" very quickly!

This one is for Bonnie. Hi Bonnie!! Thanks for the cute hat!! :)

And this one for fun. Ellyce on the right, Taryn on the left, also at 2 months old. Taryn has her beat in the cheeks & rolls department, for sure!!! LOL But I think you can tell that they are sisters. :)


Lulu said...

She is so sweet, and you can totally tell they are sisters!!! :)

Bonnie said...

What a sweetie pie!! Love the hat too ;) hehehe.