Tuesday, July 13, 2010

All clear, and a layout

We had our final follow up appointments for Ellyce and her weird rash, which seems to have gone away. Both the pediatrician and dermatologist are happy, so we dont have to go back anymore, unless it returns. Yay! Neither one really has an explaination for it. Their best guess is that some sort of antibody was passed from me to her that was causing a reaction.

On another note, I went scrapbooking last Friday night for a friends birthday (happy birthday Sheryl!). We had fun, delish cupcakes (thanks to Kate!), and I got some pages done! I finished my 2009 "year in pictures" pages, and then did this one with a picture from the reunion and another sketch from Creative Scrappers! I was pumped to see a familiar face (Sue Sykes) as the guest designer. Go Sue!!

That's all for now! I have to take advantage of a quiet morning to try and get some work done around here!

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Sue Sykes said...

This looks awesome, Melissa!