Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ellyce at 6 months

he he.
is it still cool to wear your collar up? anyone know the latest trends in baby fashion? maybe she can start one...

or...maybe not. but I think she still looks cute! I did fix the collar for some pictures too.

Get on with the post already, mom!

Fine... :)

At 6 months, Ellyce:
  • weighs about 17.5lb
  • was cleared by the pediatrician and dermatologist for her rash. It has gone away, so no more appointments!! (unless it comes back, of course)
  • has started cereal (rice) and is eating great!
  • is teething! (proof came shortly after the 6 month mark...she has cut 2 teeth right now but they arent poking through very far yet)
  • is still sleeping great
  • is sitting up on her own (with pillows around - usually gathered and setup by big sister Taryn) for a few minutes
  • still loves the excersaucer, and the jolly jumper at grandma M's house
  • is babbling a lot (mostly gurgly gggggggggggggg/purring noises), with happy little screams thrown in. Super cute! I missed these noises!
  • is grabbing everything in, glasses, faces, toys, etc
  • is rolling around the floor all over the place
  • still adores her big sister. I often have to get Taryn to move away from me while she is nursing so she actually pays attention to eating!

I just love that orange striped dress! But I also love these rolls!!

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BonnieK said...

See is so stinkin' cute! What a beauty.