Saturday, September 03, 2011

The latest birthday party ever!

So we have been trying to plan Taryns birthday party for months....and for various reasons it just hadnt happened.  Finally we ditched the original plans, and just did a party before the summer was over!  I had a lot of fun planning ... and thanks to pinterest, I got some great ideas!  If you havent checked out pinterest...well, you should.  Its like an online bulletin board where you can collect all sorts of ideas, from recipes to decorating to quotes...pretty much anything you can find on the internet, you can pin!

First, the cake.  I followed tutorials on making marshmallow fondant, how to use it, and other tips all from Pinterest.  Buttercream recipe (my favorite) is from Saucy. The characters were store bought dolls...I am not that good. LOL

Then, decorations...banners are all the rage right now, so I came up with something easy that I could make at home. I made up these letters using a digi kit called Sweet Caroline by Meredith Cardall at 9th and bloom. I made them as 4x6's and printed them out and stapled them to ribbon. Easy peasy.
 Last but not least, the strawberry bar! Assorted strawberry candies, and of course real strawberries (on skewers) along with printables (the box and circles) found again, on pinterest!

The party was great! Now the girls are playing with all the new toys and things...I love how new toys, combined with old toys, make everything seem new and fun again.  Good stuff.

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