Thursday, July 28, 2005

Family Reunion

This weekend I am taking my first holidays from work and we are going to Manitoba for a family reunion. Now, we havent ever had one of these in our family before, but after a couple of funerals, we decided that we didnt want to just all get together at those sad times, and so came the plan of a family reunion. Which should be anything but sad. Unless Uncle Mike shows up in those leather pants he was threatening. But that will be a totally different kind of sad. LOL

As for other news, we spent some time at the lake the last few weekends, and it only rained 66% of the time. And there were only mosquitos 72% of the time. But it was still relaxing, although I am still finding more mosquito bites. We will definitly be packing extra repellant for the reunion - the mosquitos in Winnipeg are always monster sized.

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