Monday, August 22, 2005

Not as cool as I thought I was

So apparently I am not as cool as I thought I was. Here is the story...mildly embarrasing but I should be used to it after 24 years of being a klutz. Saturday I went to babysit my nephews (age 7 and 9). The 7 year old is outside skateboarding when I get there, with this little ramp (just higher than my ankles). First I say - teach me how to do this! So he goes over the jump and I am thinking no problem - if a 7 yr old can do it...I can too. So I go down the driveway and when I get to the ramp I totally chicken out and just jump over the ramp on my feet, leaving the skateboard behind. No biggie...I still look pretty cool for trying, and I still went over the jump. But on my way back UP the driveway, I try and do that thing where you jump the board just while you are "cruisin" and the board went FLYING accross the street, and I ended up flat on my back. Now you've done it. So not cool.

And now my neck is so sore I can hardly turn my head. I have a massage appointment tomorrow, so at least I get that out of the deal!

Oh well. I guess I am past the age of being cool.


Pamela said...

hey Mel! i found your site!!! pretty neat!!!!! are you talking about Katrina Funk? i had no idea they were expecting!!! that is sooo cool!!!!! so what is new with you???? i can't wait to see you in oct!

Kimberley said...

At least you can move on a skateboard, I have trouble even standing on one and I would like to think that I am generally fairly athletic.