Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Thankful for dirty dishes

As I washed my dirty dishes for the 2nd time yesterday (which is odd, because I usually wash them twice a week!), I realized that especially in the wake of everything happening in the Gulf Coast, I should be thankful for my dirty dishes, because it means that I have eaten. I was also thankful that I had 2 loads of laundry to do yesterday, because it meant that I have clothes to wear. I am thankful for my dirty floor, because it means I have a place to live. And I am thankful for being able to make my bed, because it means I have a place to sleep tonight. I know this isnt some amazing revelation, but I just really felt thankful. I am even thankful for having to pay for gas, because it means that I have a car, and more importantantly, I have somewhere to go.

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TheMoney&TheFame said...

You said in so many words what I think EVERYONE has been feeling since the tragedy.