Thursday, March 30, 2006 spam

So today I found my second blog spam, ever. Usually I see a new comment and I get a little happy "they really like me!" buzz, but this was disgusting. Sorry if anyone else had to read it. So now I have unfortunatly enabled the silly word verification thingy...and hopefully it wont happen again.

Now onto "real" news. This weekend is approaching way too quickly. I did get my dress fixed and my grandma's scrapbook finished (so I can finally give her the last pages when I see her this weekend). The wedding gift is wrapped (aka bagged - I just have to write in the card and tie a pretty bow on it). But I still want to create a pretty cd case for the wedding slideshow DVD that I made them for the reception - I am thinking they probably want a copy. LOL. So I thought I would make a pretty holder for it. I will have to do that tonight. And do my nails. And watch Survivor (yes, this is actually on my list of priorities for tonight). And pack. And ... And... And....hopefully get to bed at a decent hour.

I am still loving my new haircut!! Usually I like my haircut when they stylist does it and then hate it after that because it looks awful when I do it. But bangs are fun! Why didnt someone tell me this earlier? The only problem I have is at the gym - I think I need to go buy a headband or something - the ponytail isnt working anymore.

Alright...I will probably be back with some pictures on Sunday or Monday! (This blog needs more pictures, dont you agree??) Have an AWESOME weekend everyone! :)

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Heather M. said...

You're gonna look all hot at your bro's wedding with your new hair cut! (insert whistle here)
I hope you get everything done tonight and have an amazing weekend! Good luck with the DVD presentation!!!!! Can't wait to see photos! Love seeing photos (hint, hint, hint)!
Oh and I put word verification on my blog for the exact same reason! UGH!