Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Wonderful, Awful, weekend!

Well, it is over! The wedding AND the weekend!

The wedding was very nice. Pretty small, only about 120 people but it was nice to see all the friends and relatives that I dont get to see very often. Here are some pictures (I think you can click on them to see them bigger):
Conner before the wedding (nervous??)
During the ceremony (one of my favorite pictures):

Married!!The cake (GORGEOUS & made by the bride):

The flowers:

Grandma and Grandpa with the new couple:
The "kids" (me, my brothers, and new sister-in-law!):Now for the AWFUL part of the weekend. And no, it was not the staff training - that was wonderful too! The awful part came first as I was setting up the slideshow presentation before the reception. My laptop decides to COMPLETELY CRASH! I try at least 6 times and it will not even get all the way booted and just freeze. At this point, there are people waiting outside the door to come and sit down so I start to PANIC!! Luckily, my aunt had a portable DVD player that worked and the crisis was diverted. The slideshow was AWESOME!! Everyone was so excited (and surprised and shocked) that I had photos of the ceremony in it! (Toot for me!)

The second awful part came after the reception. We were driving home to see a lot of family for the last time before they left, and we got a flat tire. And not just flat - more like a major busted hole - multiple fingers could be inserted. Yikes. I am so thankful that the tire didnt completely blow, and that it was AFTER the wedding and not BEFORE!! So Sunday was spent finding a place that was open so we could get new tires (and after a 4 hour wait and a good chunk of my California shopping money we were successful). I guess that depends on what you call success. My shopping is not, on the other hand, going to be as successful anymore. (insert crying face here!). So we also ended up missing our friend's baby dedication on Sunday, which we were sad about, but hopefully they understand.

That about sums up the weekend! All in all, it was good. :)

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Heather M. said...

Great photos! I can't believe she made the cake - it's GORGEOUS! WOW!
I'm glad the slideshow worked out - major bummer about the laptop though. I would have been seriously panicking!
And crummy news on the tire! But you're right, at least it was AFTER the wedding!
When do you leave for California again?