Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Photos and Potatos

Like the title? Ya, I thought of it myself. :P

Photos: I challenged Heather M to a photography challenge of sorts this weekend. Actually, we just decided that we were both going to take our cameras out and use them in MANUAL mode to try and learn more about them. Heather's photos turned out AWESOME!! Now, i am embarrased to show mine. First, I must say, that I didnt get to take as many as I wanted to. The heat and mosquitos made for an impatient travelling partner. LOL. He just doesnt understand my online friends...anyway, here are 1 or 2.

So there you have it. Not too much to get excited about, but I want to keep trying. I just need something more interesting (and patient!!) to take pictures of.

Potatos: Not only are they yummy on the bbq, but the polkadot kind are pretty cool too! LOL. Have I lost it? Nope. I am just excited - the new site I am selling at has finally opened! Polkadot Potato! There is still more to come on the site, but the mall part is up, and my favorite kits are over there.

One more note for tonight - GO OILERS!! Cheer hard, everyone!


Heather M. said...

Woohooo!!!!! Great photos! I LOVE the one of the railroad tracks! They are seriously amazing photos!!!! Keep up the great work, Melissa!!!! My mom posted a challenge on her blog that you might be interested in: www.crystalkrueger.blogspot.com

patti said...

Melissa, that photo on the tracks of the bridge is GORGEOUS!!! incredible depth of field!!! you go girl! you don't give yourself nearly enough credit! Off to check out the potato site!! thanks for the link! (like I need somewhere else to shop eeek!!!) :)

patti said...

I loooooove the train track picture! Fantabulous!!!!