Wednesday, May 31, 2006

this could be cool...

Just wanted to share this little morsel with you - it is called Group Shot and you can find it here:
You can load a series of photos into the program and choose the best parts from each (ie. without your eyes closed, etc) and it will come up with a composite of all the images.  Hmmm...I havent tried it yet, but it sounds good!

In other news...Ashton has a job! Yay!  It isnt in corrections, but at least it is something.  So he got a few weeks off after finishing  school, and now he is working at Riverside Dodge, detailing and  shuttle-ing people around.  So good.  And it is right across the road from me, and the same hours as me, so we cant ask for much more at this point.  The jail is supposed to be hiring again in the he will try again then.

I have wanted to get out to take some more photos with my camera, but it hasnt stopped RAINING!! The sun is peeking out off and on today, and it is supposed to be nice again soon, so I am crossing my fingers.  I need to get out for a run, too.


patti said...

Congrats on Ashton's job! I hope it stops raining soon !!!!!

patti said...

Yay for a new job!! Congrats to your hubby!
If you're up for a photo challenge check out the photog section on S! I issued a new fun challenge for June! :)

Heather said...

Awesome news on the job!!! That's aewsome how all the hours and location worked out like that.