Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Neat quiz

I found this cool 'quiz' on Kate Teague's blog, and I like it, so I am going to fill it out. Wow...2 posts in 2 days? LOL. If you read this, then try filling it out too, then leave me a comment so I can come read it....I love reading people's blogs.

I AM: a wife, a designer, a daughter, a list maker, a multi-tasker (I always have to do 2 things at once), a klutz, a friend

I WANT: to have kids, to have more time to design and scrapbook, to be on the Amazing Race, a dog.

I HAVE: a job, a hubby, a hobby (or 2, or 3)

I WISH: I could start my own design business and work from home

I HATE: raw tomatoes, hypocrites, people who are always late (well I dont hate THEM, just that they are late)

I MISS: my mom's parents, my great auntie,

I HEAR: Praise106.5 on my iTunes radio, every day

I WONDER: where we will be in 5 years

I REGRET: not taking my time with some things,

I AM NOT: a good singer

I DANCE: as often as possible! because it feels good, and it makes other people laugh LOL (I cant really be THAT bad, can I?)

I SING: in the car by myself, with the radio cranked up so I cant even hear myself

I CRY: at sad movies or TV shows (occasionally commercials LOL)

I AM NOT ALWAYS: willing to keep my mouth shut

I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: cards, scrapbook layouts, food (pretty good food sometimes!)

I WRITE: not as often as I should, but I am starting to write more, in scrapbooks and on this blog!

I CONFUSE: lots of things, (and people)- I have an awful memory, especially for names

I NEED: to keep up with my friends more often

I SHOULD: go to the gym more

I START: to say something and then forget what I was going to say. :P

I FINISH: the little things on my list before I tackle the big ones (makes me feel like I got more done, I guess, and then I can put all my concentration on the big projects)

Wanna play?? :)


Heather M. said...

I totally want to play! Perhaps tomorrow!
I have to say though that I LOVE raw tomatoes - eat them like apples with a little bit of salt! YUMMY! One of my favorite things about summer! My mom got me 2 plants this year just so I don't have to buy any!!! Hehehe! Did that gross you out?!
I cry at movies and TV shows too!

patti said...

COol beans Mel, thanks! I played on mine! :)