Monday, June 12, 2006


That's it! We are now both officially done school! Ashton
graduated on Friday from the corrections program. Here are some pics (I played with my camera again - this time in Tv mode)

Blogger is being really weird, so sorry if this post is wonky.

On Saturday, we went shopping and found some sweet deals. Ashton got a set of golf clubs (after begging me for a year LOL), and I found some $90 golf shoes for only $19!! I couldnt pass them up. But I am afraid I am going to fall on my face when I try and play with them because I have a serious baseball swing and I always move my feet. So I will either do horrible, or maybe MAYBE they will help me out! We are going to try and hit the driving range tomorrow evening (AND the gym - that is the deal).

Today at work I got to design the new office space for our renovations. It was so fun! I got to pick my office, yes, MY OWN OFFICE! I cant wait. I dont know why, but I hate talking on the phone with someone else in the room, and I hate having my back to the door. I cant wait to have my own space. And maybe a drawer for my snacks. LOL.

Well I am off to try and go for a run. I have been slacking lately again. I need to get back into it - I think there is a 5k run on the 10th of July, so that is my goal. I think I have been running about 3.5-4km on a normal night. Later! :)


patti said...

woooohooo on your running!! I am so impressed!!! That's awesome! COngrats to your hubby on graduating! And hope you have lots of fun golfing!! Enjoy it now, before little ones enter the picture.... mine have an inch of dust on them now :(

Heather M. said...

Congrats to your DH on his graduation!! That's awesome!
YAY for the running!!!! I find it always helps me to have a goal - keeps me motivated!

Heather said...

Congrats to dh!!!! yeah!!

Good for you on the running. Go Melissa go!