Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Lots of things...

I have been meaning to blog for a while, REALLY! And I bet there are a whole bunch of things that I could talk about, if only I could remember them all now. LOL. Hopefully that will teach me to blog more regularly.

Ashton's training:
The first week (last week) was REALLY hard for him, but he passed both of the tests on Friday! That was the hard part - and so now there is 2 weeks of classroom training and another test. Phew! Almost there!!

Tagged by Sue:
Darn it Sue! LOL. I have no idea howI am going to answer this!! But here it goes!
5 weird things about me:
1. I only like peas if I can eat them with garlic dill pickles.
2. Last summer I bought a lamp. A baby lamp. For a babies room. For one day....
3. I dont like raw tomatoes! But I love salsa.
4. I am getting stuck here....LOL. Ok. Ummm....I like to dance in the car while Ashton is driving and he gets really embarrased when we pass people. I think it is hillarious.
5. I am a really bad singer. But I do it anyway. When no one can hear me. And in church.

What else....what else...I know I had other things to talk about. My mom and I got some Christmas cards made last weekend. They turned out pretty good. I should scan some and share them. I got a Christmas stamp set from a Close to my Heart party so I was having fun with them.

Lots of new shows starting up! Survivor, Amazing Race! Both fun and I am in pools for both. And Grey's Anatomy starts tomorrow! I cannot wait!! to bed! I promise I will try and blog more regularly!! Maybe I will do another freebie on the weekend if I can convince Ashton to stay here for once! But there is always hockey and stock car races that call him home! :P LOL

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Sue said...

Ah, you're not so weird after all! ;)