Thursday, November 16, 2006

4 weddings and a funeral

Ok...just 1 wedding and 1 funeral. But that title sounded like more fun! We found out a couple of weeks ago that Ashtons friend got engaged and is getting married in March. Congrats Brendan and Stacey! This should be an interesting wedding - he is the last of a group of 4 close friends getting married and I know that the other 3 guys (2 at least will be there) have been saving stuff up for this last one! LOL. It will be lots of fun, I am sure!

And yes, a funeral. Ashton's grandma passed away last Sunday and the funeral is tomorrow. I sent him home on the bus to be with his parents and family on Tuesday, and I am going there tonight to join him. She had been slowing down for a while, but when she did get sick in the end it was pretty quick. I can't remember if she is 90 or 92, but she has lived a good, long, life. We love you, Grandma B!

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patti said...

Congrats to the engaged couple!! How exciting for them and for you guys too! And so sorry to hear about Ashton's grandma passing. Sounds like she did reach a ripe old age, what a legacy she must have left!