Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Well I guess it had to come back eventually, but why?? Why can't the cold weather just stay away? I am such a wuss when it comes to the cold. I hate windy, blustery, snowy, days. Unless I can just stay curled up inside with some hot chocolate and stay there. Oh...I am such a whiner. LOL Maybe I will have to cheer myself up with some Starbucks. Yes, we have a Starbucks here now! It just opened on Monday...and I think little Peanut is having a craving. I love being able to use this pregnancy as an excuse to get what I want! :) (Within reason, of course!)

The funeral on Friday was nice. Lots of family was there that we hadn't seen for a while. Although some of them I am still sorting out and learning who is who. Even after knowing his family for 6 years...there are still people that I confuse with each other. I guess I will figure it out eventually. Anyway...the weather was great that day for going out to the cemetary and we stayed and filled the grave in by hand, with a little help from the machine. It is sort of a tradition in that family. "You can't leave a job unfinished" mentality, which is neat.

We came back here Saturday night and Sunday my morning sickness hit me again. I thought that was all behind me...but I guess not! I think I was just feeling good enough to try and eat some things that I havent had for a while, and they didnt agree with me. So no more eggs for breakfast for a while longer! :P

Ashton took the camera on me last week and got some shots of our nephew playing hockey. I can't believe that I havent even taken any pictures off the camera yet. I really should! Then I can share them!

Stay warm everyone!


patti said...

yes we need to see some photos with your new camera!! I demand a belly shot!! :)

patti said...

Oh i want to see your baby bump too!!!!