Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Less than a month!

I can't wait!! :) :) :)

And just to clear things up on the car front - there will be no minivans owned by this family! LOL SUV - sure! Minivan, no thanks! No offence to those who have them, they just aren't for us. (ya ya...I know they have tons of room, etc etc...but this car already has 3x more space than our last one). We will definitly be Ok until at least baby 2. ;)


MonaS! said...

For what its worth - Chris and I said the same thing! Then about a year later when I was preggo with #2, we bought a van. SO keep chanting "No minivan, No minivan" Eventually you too will come over to the dark side!!! LOL

Sue said...

that's what i said until we got one!! i still hate driving it (i mean, come ON, it's a MINI-VAN!!) but it is practical!!

but i'd take my nissan 350 anyday... :)

patti said...

LMBO!! We havn't moved over to the minivan yet either! Just not a fan... I may be convinced down the road, but for now I'm happy with our roomy Saturn! :) Nice new car in the below post! :)

Heather said...

Now that I look at the pictures again the new car does look bigger than the older one. I never thought I'd do the minivan either but it's so much easier with all the kids stuff to cart around.