Friday, January 26, 2007

Holiday update...

I have been putting until I had pictures for you, but Ashtons computer is giving us grief this week so we havent bothered loading them on there yet (his computer has way more room than mine). I am going to give his computer a clean sweep this weekend and then get the pictures. I promise to share some soon because we all know that pictures are way more fun than reading!

The flight there was pretty uneventful - the plane was nearly half empty so we got to stretch out and relax. Good movie too - Open Season - it was pretty funny and helped pass some of the 6 hours on the plane. Got to Punta Cana airport and were hit with a wall of humidity - instant stickiness! But, wait....NO SNOW!!! The airport was neat - all open with a thatched roof. We were the only plane there at the time so we got through customs really quick.

The drive to the resort was interesting, to put it lightly. I think all of our knuckles were beyond white by the time we got there. It was about an hour and a half to the resort - on the other side of the island, near La Romana. They drive like CRAZIES over there! It is all curvy and hilly, no one obeys the speed limit, and everyone just passes like crazy. I dont want to know how many people on motorcycles are killed there. If the number is low, it would surprise me. Anyway, we got there safe, checked in, and headed straight for the buffet. FOOD! We were all starving and the massive buffet was exactly what we needed. And (most) of us had a drink after that insane taxi ride. LOL It was pretty late so I think we all just headed to bed after that.

The next day was GORGEOUS! The weather was great the whole time, actually. High 20s in the day, high teens at night. It did rain occasionally, but just for 5 minutes and then the sun would be out again. Just enough to cool things off. Only 1 day the rain really bothered us - I will tell that later. I dont remember exactly what we did that day (I did write it down though!) but I think it was a bit of snorkelling off the beach and a lot of laying on the beach, and exploring the resort. We went to the Asian restaurant for supper - yummy spring rolls! :)

Hmmm...this is getting long! I will write more about it later....I just want to write down my weekend goals here - that way I have them "out there" and hopefully I will get more done!
  • 2 web projects that need work (one site needs a couple updates, the other is still pre-launch and has lots of work to do - scheduled to be up next Friday!)
  • dishes are piling up and really need to be washed (hopefully I can get Ashton to do this)
  • ME TIME: I want to take time to scrapbook at least 1 digi AND 1 paper layout. I have a pile of circle journals on my desk that I need to do and get mailed out. Lets change that to 2 paper layouts. :)
  • go to the gym. I havent been there since before our holiday. Just for an hour.
  • fix Ashtons computer. :P (blah!)
Have a great weekend!


Elia said...

Great update and I can't wait to hear more about this fab holiday and see some photos. Hope you get all your scrapping goodies completed.

Katrina said...

we want pictures, we want pictures...