Saturday, January 27, 2007


Ok ok! Stop the riots! (Katrina!!) ;) We got Ashton's computer up and running again so the pictures are off the camera and ready for sharing (and scrapping too!). I will share a few at a time so I dont crash blogger...

The entrance to the resort:

Sunset off the pier:
View out of our room (this is what the room buildings looked like). And everyone else in our group had a view of the pool/ocean. But we traded for a king bed (instead of 2 doubles) so it was ok.

The boys at the golf course:

And the promised 5 month "belly pic". We actually took ones on the beach where I wrote "5 months" in the sand, but I am not real happy with how they turned out.

Hope that tides you over for a bit! I will try and post some more tomorrow. Now it is off to work on a website project and watch the hockey game. Go Leafs! :)


Bobbi-Lynn said...

Great pics, what a sunset!! Love that little belly! Now maybe some closeup pics, huh? ;-)

Elia said...

Thanks for sharing those great photos. The sunset one is stunning! Cannot wait to see some of your LO's with these babies. Speaking of babies, you look so adorable with your baby bump.

Go Leafs indeed! They won tonight. Yeah!!!

Katrina said...

Thanks for the pics. You look so cute!

JennD said...

Sounds like it was a great trip! Love the pics so far.