Sunday, February 11, 2007

Double encore!

The concert last night was awesome!! The opening band was Tomi Swick and they were pretty good, even with some guitar trouble. Ashton got their CD. Then the ladies came on and it was SO much fun!! Our seats were on the floor about 21 rows back and we were right on an aisle so we could see really good. I didnt try to bring my camera in because I didnt want to worry about it getting stolen or damaged. Anyway - it was a great show - they sang all the good stuff from the past and lots of stuff from the new album. We got them out for 2 encorees. I am sure they probably do that for lots of their shows, but it was still awesome. I still wanted more!

The rest of the day was really great too. I went shopping with my mom and Karen for some more maternity clothes and to check out a couple of shops that we havent been to before. WOW there is some seriously expensive baby gear out there! I was looking to get myself a cool diaper bag, but I dont think I can spend $150 on it. Or $1,400 for a stroller. Yikes! So...I think I will be checking ebay for some bags - maybe I can find a deal there. I did end up buying some clothes for myself - I had a gift certificate and a 15% off coupon AND everything I bought was on sale in the first I got 2 shirts and a pair of pants for $6.47. Cant beat that!!

Ashton and I went to the Station Place for supper - it was really yummy. We both got more than we could eat and we didnt even have desert! *gasp*! Then he pulled out another surprise for me - tickets to Rascal Flatts! Woo hoo!! Awesome tickets too!! 10th row on the floor. Now I just have to find someone to come with me, because he doesnt want to. LOL

Here are a few more pictures from our holiday:

awwww!!! :)

me and the iguana (its foot is going down my shirt - hence the look on my face!):

Ashton and the iguana:

And the best of them all - Gavin and the iguana! LOL

Have a great week!


Marina said...

Oh Melissa, sounds like you have a fabulous Birthday, Ashton sounds like such a sweet guy (a keeper for sure), if I was around, i would totally take you up on the Rascal Flats extra ticket, that is totally awesome. You'll have to let me know how the concert is.

Great photos of you all, totally love the iguana, although I was terrified of it when the guy wanted to put it on me. I have a phobia of snakes and this is right up there, I had tears in my eyes when he got close!!!! (ok let's not repeat that to the world... wink wink)

Oh and happy Birthday!!!!

patti said...

So glad to hear you had a great birthday! Sounds like the show was awesome! You are a great bargain hunter, very impressive with your awesome deals ! Need to have comfy mat clothing for sure! :)
Love the iggy photos! lol!!

MonaS! said...

Wish I lived closer so that I could go to Rascal Flatts with ya!!! I LOOOOOOOVE EM!!!

Elia said...

Glad to hear that you had a great time at the concert and that you got another special treat. Love the photos.

Heather said...

Love the photos.

There are lots of used places to get baby stuff. I think first time mom's spend so much money buying new stuff when they don't need too. Once Upon a Child is a great place if you have one there. HEre the twins association has sales too but not sure if they would do it there too.