Friday, February 02, 2007

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I guess I never finished talking about our holiday. But arent photos worth 1000 words? ;) I dont want to go into so much detail about every day - I will save that for my scrapbook. Basically it was a whole bunch of swimming, eating, and laying on the beach.

Other random things that I find funny these days:
-my belly button is disappearing, and Ashton is freaked out that I am going to get an outtie. haha! Sorry honey, but if it happens, it happens!
-it is getting harder to put my socks on. what? already??
-everyone seems to have a prediction on what we are having. just random people on the are having a boy. I know you? LOL Too funny.

This was on Patti's blog and she tagged anyone reading it (sort of cheating, hey Patti??) LOL. Anyway, here it goes:

A=Available – for??? dinner? sure!
B=Best Friend – Karen and Jill
C=Cake or pie – hmm...tough one. Usually cake! But it depends on the flavors.
D=Drink of choice – ice tea
E=Essential item you use everyday – computer
F=Favourite color - green
G=Gummy bears or worms – mmm...candy. Oh, was I supposed to pick one?
H=Hometown - Prince Albert, SK
I= Indulgences – candy and scrapbooking supplies
J= January or February - February. My birthday, and I agree with Patti - one month closer to spring!
K=Kids and names – none yet! We are still in name discussions...
L=Life is incomplete without - God
M=Marriage date – Aug 16, 2003
N=Number of siblings – 2, twin brothers
O=Oranges or apples – apples, except at Christmas, then oranges.
P=Phobias or Fears – people eating bugs freaks me out a bit.
Q=Favourite Quote – "The good Lord gave us mountains, so we would learn how to climb" - from a Lonestar song
R=Reason to smile – little kicks in my belly :)
S=Season - summer
T=Tag 3 or 4 people - I think this thing has pretty much gone around the block already! But feel free to play if you want to!
U=Unknown fact about me – shouldnt it be unknown for a reason??
V=Vegetable you don't like – raw tomatos
W= Worst habit – I crack my knuckles. It drives my mom batty.
X=X-rays – I think just 2. One on my knee and one on my shoulder/elbow. Not counting dentist ones.
Y=Your favorite food – these days it changes all the time. Today...chocolate. And a blizzard would be good right about now too. Except it is freezing outside!
Z= Zodiac Sign - Aquarias


patti said...

LMBO cheating moi??? never! ;) I just hate to leave people out, so I just leave it open to anyone who has time and wants to play.

I love reading these things, I always learn some new stuff! mmm me too on the candy... :)

Marina said...

Oh Melissa, I loved reading your ansswers, it is alot of fun learning new things about people.

however you didn't share your unknown secret!!!!