Thursday, January 10, 2008

Christmas, and 8 Months

We had a great, although busy, Christmas. Taryn and I went down to Osler on the 22nd for a bridal shower and Ashton came a few days later because he had to work. We had a great time visiting with a lot of family and friends that we don't get to see that often and it was a really special first Christmas with Taryn.

Lots of pictures to share with you. Here is our Christmas tree - we got a new (bigger) tree this year now that we have a place to put one bigger than 4 feet tall! I used a special "star" filter to take this picture and got the lights to twinkle.

Here is Taryn with one of her (many, many) presents. I think she had as much fun with the wrapping paper as the toys.
This is her HUGE haul at Grandma M's place. Seriously spoiled!! Grandma made her the green/pink and purple/pink teddy bears with matching quilts. And got her the tea set so she can have tea parties with them (in a couple years!). The rocking horse (from uncle Gavin) will be fun too - once we get it home! The trunk was so full we had to leave a few things behind.

At Grandma's we also went skating with daddy....
And for a ride on the sled with Mommy...

She hated being in the snowsuit but eventually gave us some sort of sign that she was having fun anyway!!

Great Grandma and Great Grandpa came for Christmas this year from Manitoba. It was a really special visit and we are thankful that they made the trip - as it will likely be their last. Grandma just isnt into travelling anymore.

Ok...onto more recent pictures! I can't believe Taryn is 8 months already. I think I say that every month, don't I?
She loves her ducks. (Just like Auntie Ricki). Although I dont think Ricki sucks on the ducks heads like Taryn does. ;)
Our favorite thing to do: Stand up!
At 8 months, Taryn:
  • weighs about 20 lbs
  • is wearing some 12 month clothes already, as she is quite long.
  • got her 2nd flu shot and didnt even cry (this made Mommy feel better)
  • loves to snack on Puffed Wheat all by herself, now that she has figured out that she has to LET GO of it once it is in her mouth
  • is eating 4x a day - still loves her applesauce, peas, and carrots but we are slowly expanding our foods
  • is sleeping 12hrs/night and has a 2 hr nap in the afternoon (Mommy and Daddy are so blessed!)
  • wants to walk so bad and will toddle around if she is holding onto your fingers
  • has no interest in crawling. If she is on her tummy it isnt for long - she rolls over pretty quickly.
  • still just 2 teeth, but the top ones are coming!
  • loves anything that spins
  • loves to dance with mommy or daddy (or whoever is holding her)
  • loves to "ride the horsey" (bounce on your leg or foot)


Michelle McKenzie said...

What wonderful photos. There were even a couple of photos with Mommy in them! Yah! I love Taryn's smile. Remember how not too long ago you couldn't get her to smile for the camera because she was too little? Now look at that beautiful girl, hamming it up, LOL! They do grow up fast. I'm glad you had a great Christmas and a special visit with the great-grandparents.

Heather M. said...

12 hours?!?! I'm sooo jealous! Helayna has never slept that long at night - I'm lucky if she sleeps 10 hours but it's usually 9 - 9 1/2. Lucky mommy, you are! :)
Love all those photos - the tree one is gorgeous!
And look at all those toys!!! What a lucky little girl! I saw this shirt at Old Navy and almost bought it for Helayna that said "Santa, you ain't got nothing on Grandma". SOOOOO true! LOL!

Isabelle said...

your pics are great Melissa, i really love the effect of the star filter. You DD is adorable! isn't amazing how quickly they change!