Friday, March 14, 2008

10 Months

Is it just me, or does every month seem to go by faster than the one before? We are now at #10...only 2 short months until an new #1 - being years! In any matter her age, it is so fun to see her personality coming out. She is curious, usually content, and quite active!

It also seems as if she is quite chatty, if you look at this first picture, but she hasnt really gotten any words yet. She will mimic sometimes, and say 'ya' but I havent counted anything as her "first" word yet!

She is getting the hang of waving!

Deciding where to go next:

At 10 months, Taryn:
  • is just under 22lbs. A bit lighter than I thought she was, but still at the higher end of the percentiles.
  • she is walking pretty well, and crawling, and going up the stairs! Yikes!
  • waves bye-bye, and waves to herself in the mirror
  • has 6 teeth (#6 came out a day or two after 10 months, about 3 weeks after #5)
  • loves to be chased and tickled
  • has ticklish feet, like her daddy
  • loves to eat! She likes grapes, strawberries, bananas, cheese, brocolli, and well, pretty much anything. She does NOT like green been puree! (do we blame her?)
  • is always on the move. go go go! Most of our pictures are blurry! Mommy needs to be quicker with the camera now. I think this will only get harder!
Well, Taryn is just getting over her 2nd cold, but this one wasnt as bad as the first.

In Mommy news...the countdown is on. Just 2 and a half weeks left at home. *cry*


Amanda said...

((hugs)) I know what you are feeling like right now, Melissa! It's not easy leaving your baby to go back to work. :(

What a sweetie, tho -- she's getting so big!

Crystal said...

Hey, Melissa! What a cute daughter you have - and what fun they are at this age. It really just gets better every day!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

tina werner said...