Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Ready to party?

If you are a scrapbooker, you have to come visit Just Cre8. They are celebrating their first birthday this month and having a big party. There are going to be challenges and games and lots of prizes!! It will be so fun!! It all starts on the 15th.

I was recently added to the Design Team there, which (for you non-scrapbookers) means that I get to play with their awesome kits and show it off to everyone else! I am going to be getting my second kit from them in the mail any day now. Sue puts together the best stuff!! I cant wait for this box to get here!!

Here is a page I did with the March kit:

In non-scrapping news, things are busier here every day. Now that Taryn is moving, she just doenst want to stop. She is only happy when she is moving around and getting into things. There are lots of "NO!"'s lately! She also got up a stair today...probably would have kept going if mommy didnt stop her. Yikes...up goes gate #2.

Speaking of Mommy...she is due to go back to work April 1. Anyone know a babysitter?? This is proving to be a very difficult task to find someone to take her.

Stay tuned in a few days for her 10 month...yes TEN month, pictures. Where has the time gone? Soon we will be talking about a birthday party for her!! eeps!

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