Monday, July 14, 2008

News and Pictures

Isnt it always news and pictures? You would think I could think of a better title...

First, the pictures I guess! Then those of you who just come for the pictures can leave. ;) This picture is for Grandma M espcially. Taryn wore one of your dresses to church on Sunday. It fit perfect! :) The bow in front kept coming undone - I think I will tie it and tack it down as a permanent bow! I even managed to get a clip in her hair - and it stayed all the way until we got home! She had fun in the toddler room and I had a chance to pay attention to church by myself. It was kind of nice.

After church we had lunch, with watermelon for dessert. Mmm...she loves that stuff! But now we have watermelon juice on our nice pink dress! OOPS! Hopefully it will come out in the wash - if not, at least the dress is already pink!

And now news - I have officially become a business! My name "Green Pixel Designs" is officially registered and mine, and I have a vendors liscence. My PA business liscence application went in today but I dont see any problems with it going through. The next step is to talk to the bank, I guess! You can also find me online in a couple new places - I was at and now I am also at and - just in case anyone is looking for me! ;) It is all the same website, there are just 3 ways to get there now!


Heather M. said...

Congrats on making it all official! That is AWESOME!
And love those cute photos! Helayna loves watermelon too! :)

Cathy said...

Hey Melissa...I'm blog-hopping over to let you know that you won my Clear Scraps draw. Either pmail me through 2peas (I posted you as the winner in the OP) or email me at and we'll work out the prize - I have an acrylic album here at my home to send you and Clear Scraps will send you whatever 12x12 shape you want. I'm away at CHA this weekend so if I'll be back in touch Monday! Congratulations.

And by the way - your DD is adorable...I love the bellybutton/tongue combo one post down!!