Monday, October 13, 2008

We're home!

Well, we have been home for a couple weeks now. We are finally settled back in, unpacked, and caught up on laundry!! The printer made it inside and has been up and running and ready for business for a few days now. So far everything has gone so smoothly, other than running out of some ink a bit more quickly than anticipated, so that put opening on hold for a few extra days. Check out to see what its all about!

Here she is! All tucked into her corner. I still think I should name her, almost like another baby. LOL
Something else that was waiting for us when we got back, a little earlier than expected, was the sectional we ordered. This is just a quick picture I snapped - you can see the old couch in the back, and a whiz of Taryn in the front!
And a few more pictures from our trip...there are so many!! The first few are from a (short) hike at Adams Falls near where our Colorado friends live. It was gorgeous, and the rain held out while we were there, even though the clouds loomed the whole way there!

The guys, goofing off! On our way from COlorado to Texas we stopped at this dormant volcano. Forget the name at the moment - its in the corner of New Mexico. This is the view from the top, looking out - you can sort of see the forms of the old lava flows.

And insde the crater.

Taryn didnt sleep much on the trip - at least not as much as we thought she would. But I couldnt help snapping this picture. I could watch her sleep all day. Something about sleeping babies thats just so sweet!

And on our way home from Texas we stopped in Sioux Falls. This was on a walk in the evening after checking into the hotel. As you can see, Taryn seems to have a bit of energy!

There are still tons more pictures. I guess you will have to come for a visit if you want to see them. ;)


Amanda said...

Sounds like you had a fun trip -- and I am so excited about your printing business!

BTW, I tagged you on my blog -- check it out!

The Cool Chicks said...

we have been to that crater too - it is so cool - Rachel was only a little older than Taryn is!

Amy :)